What do you need to know about our studio?

Hi I'm Deanne.  For me, photography is a beautiful language.  I think it's the perfect way of telling a story, about subjects that never stop changing. 

I am privileged to work in this fun, beach community & business with my best friend and husband, Gus. We have two grown children, so we can attest to how quickly family life changes and takes on new meaning over time.  

I love the way photography suspends our favorite moments and memories in time forever.  I pray daily for unshakeable faith, for my sweet family and for creative inspiration.  

What would I like to know about you?  

Everything that tells me who you are, and what you love, and what you hope to remember about this time in life.  I love interviewing my clients.  I think rapport is the key to a relaxed photography experience. This is one of the reasons we offer a complimentary design appointment to plan & discuss your session in advance.  Our goal is to capture for you sweet memories of what life is like for you and your family at this moment in time.

Where can you find our Studio? 

Dunlop Photography is a family owned, professional photography studio located a block from the Atlantic Ocean in Neptune Beach.  Our studio's physical address is at 217 First Street in Beaches Town Center, NB, 32266.

You'll find us in the blue cottage next to Drift & across the street from Slider's Oyster Bar.  A few reserved parking places are available for our clients on the side of the building. 

You can call me right now at (904) 610-5669 or if you prefer send me a message via the contact page.